Cobb’s Trail Markers Now at Kennesaw Mountain NBP!

by mcangeli

Recently, Cobb County has developed and is using a Emergency Location Marker (ELM) system to help individuals who are walking, hiking, and biking throughout the county. As part of that system, Kennesaw Mountain NBP has also joined the county in using this system. 

These are the blue and white markers that are scattered throughout the park. When you are in the park and there is an emergency, please use these markers to direct the emergency services to your or an injury visitor’s location. 

Please provide the 8 numbers listed in the white box to 911. If you do not see a marker, please either go back or forward on the trail to get to the closest marker. If you are physically unable to travel to find a marker, please have someone who is with you retrieve the numbers.
For more information, please visit: